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Steps to add a new coffee.

  1.  On the right under ‘Publish‘.  ‘Copy to a new draft’ link.
  2. Update the name of the coffee above by replacing “coffee product template (Copy)”  with the coffee name.
  3.  Below in the ‘Product data‘ section:
    1. General Tab‘.  Update the Price’.
    2. Inventory Tab‘.
      1. Enter the ‘SKU‘.  Must be unique.  Add a -1.-2,-3… etc to make unique.  Note you will see an error when publishing if the SKU is not unique.
      2.  Update Stock Status to ‘In Stock‘.
  4. Set the product image.  Use panel on right call ‘Product image’.
    1. Upload new image.  Note there is a size limit.  Name the image same as the coffee.
  5. Fill in the coffee description and tasting note using below panel called ‘Product short description’.
  6.  Set the ‘Product Categories‘ using the panel on the right.
  7. Clear out all this text.
  8. Publish.  Note there should not be any error while publishing.

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