Coffee Tasting Flight – Honey Fermentation



Take a journey with our Honey Tasting Flight and explore a world of delightful flavours.
Bursting with juicy fruitiness and sourced from diverse origins including South America, tropical islands, and vibrant Africa, each sip promises a taste of adventure. With four half-pound bags of carefully selected coffee beans.

What’s in the box?

Burundi Yellow Honey
Savour the rich flavour of Burundi Yellow Honey beans. Roasted to perfection, they offer a delightful reddish-gold hue to your cup. Enjoy their clean, refreshing taste – ideal for any coffee moment, from brunch to lazy afternoons. Loved by both light and medium coffee drinkers, our Burundi Honey is the real crowd-pleaser.

Dominican Republic Red Honey
Packed with milky notes of vanilla and a nutty aftertaste, with rich raspberry aromas that carry over into a stone fruit flavor. Smooth and balanced sweetness. This low-acid coffee is smooth and will impress any island coffee lovers out there. With the mild flavor of nuts combined with the fruit, you’ll feel like you have the best trail mix in your cup.

Brazil Yellow Honey
Discover the wonders of Brazil Honey coffee, created through anaerobic fermentation. These beans undergo a special process without oxygen, giving them a wine-like flavour. Experience the delightful notes of raspberry, strawberry, almond, and syrupy sweetness. It’s a burst of flavour in every cup. Our Brazil Yellow Honey offers an exceptional coffee experience.

Costa Rica Yellow Honey
Costa Rica Yellow Honey is different than what you’d think! The flavour is bittersweet with prominent notes of black cherry, offering a juicy, wine-like body and a rich, fruity aroma. The fragrance will lure you in with its honey-sweet notes and hints of herbal tea, citrusy accents providing a delightful experience.

What is Honey Fermentation?
Honey fermentation is a natural process in coffee production where ripe coffee cherries are carefully selected, pulped to remove the outer skin, and then spread out on drying beds. Instead of washing away the sticky mucilage (the sweet, sugary substance surrounding the coffee bean), as is done in the traditional washed process, the beans are left with some or all of this mucilage intact during drying. This sticky layer ferments while the beans dry, creating a unique flavor profile. The drying process, combined with the fermentation of the mucilage, imparts distinct fruity and floral notes to the coffee beans.


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