Dark Roast Coffee Tasting Flight


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Experience the rich world of dark roast coffee! These beans undergo a longer, hotter roast, crafting a bold flavour with smoky and slightly bitter notes. Dive into our coffee-tasting flight, carefully designed to take you from the lightest to the darkest brews.

Elevate your Christmas celebrations with this exquisite collection, adding a touch of warmth and a flavorful journey for the coffee enthusiast in your life.

Dark Roast coffee tasting flight contains 4 half-pound bags of meticulously selected coffee beans, ensuring a generous supply of rich, dark roast goodness for your brewing pleasure.

What’s in the box?

Dark Guatemala
Dark-roast Guatemalan coffee has a full body with woody aromatics, featuring notes of dark rich, caramelized sugar, and a satisfying, full-bodied finish. If you’re into the straightforward taste of Central American coffees, this one’s up your alley. It’s smooth, balanced, and doesn’t pack too much acidity.

Dark Colombia
We roast this one as dark as it gets to bring out that intense dark ‘bite’ without going overboard on bitterness. You’ll love the full body and rich, complex flavours – think earthy tones, caramelized sugar, dark chocolate, and a heavy body. It’s a winner whether you brew it as espresso or drip. No need to compromise on taste here.

Dark Dominica
Dive into the rich complexity of this coffee, boasting low acidity, a heavy body, and delightful notes of Vanilla, Sugar Cane, Dark Chocolate, and Molasses. Its velvety smooth mouthfeel is simply divine. Sourced from the Ramírez Estate in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic, it stands out as one of our two exceptional Dominican single-origin coffees.

Dark Brazil
Savour the boldness of our Dark Brazil Cerrado coffee, a heavy-bodied single-origin with a classic coffee flavour. This dark roast Brazilian gem delivers a smooth drinking experience, free from any burnt or lingering aftertaste. Indulge in the nutty flavour, complemented by notes of dark, caramelized Sugar, bitter sweet, toast, and candy – a profile synonymous with high-quality Brazilian coffee beans.


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