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Savour this exceptional collection of rare gems – coffee beans that bring incredible flavours and fascinating stories to your cup. Experience our most prized coffees all in one bundle, a perfect gift for your loved ones or a delightful treat for yourself!


Hawaii Kona Extra Fancy

Picture this: a full-bodied blend with a touch of natural sweetness and a delightful nutty aftertaste. Now, let’s talk about Kona coffee and its rarity. This gem is exclusively grown in Hawaii’s Kona district, soaking up the goodness of volcanic soil and a special microclimate. They grade it as “Extra Fancy” to make sure only the absolute best beans hit the market. Harvesting? Yep, it’s a hands-on affair, adding that extra touch to the exceptional taste. But here’s the scoop: the demand for Kona coffee is so high that it often outpaces the limited supply, turning it into this sought-after, rare treasure.

Costa Rica Winey Geisha

Meet our Costa Rica coffee, featuring delightful notes of Orange Blossom, Hibiscus, Velvet Honey Sweet Pomegranate, and a Bright Fruity Finish. Here’s the twist – we’ve got a limited supply of this exceptional bean. Curious why? Let me walk you through the captivating process behind each coffee bag. Enter Winey Geisha coffee, crafted from naturally processed beans. Picture cherries transitioning from a deep red to a dark brown, indicating their over ripeness. Harvesting requires careful attention because one branch may host overripe cherries, blossoms, and new ones waiting to ripen – a real hustle to find the right coffee cherry. After harvesting, these beans are meticulously spread out on drying beds. Dedicated farmers keep a close eye, ensuring they don’t over-ferment. It’s a detailed journey that transforms every sip into something truly extraordinary.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Check out our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee! It’s got a unique Heirloom quality, a Powerful Nose, Buttery & Smokey notes, and a Very Juicy Body. But why is it so hard to find? Well, it’s grown exclusively in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, and the taste comes from the special altitude, climate, and soil there. To keep things top-notch, there are strict rules about where and how it’s grown. This not only keeps the quality high but also makes the beans super authentic, which adds to their rarity. And get this, the beans are hand-picked to make sure they stay top-notch. But because this process takes a lot of time and effort, there’s not much of this coffee around. So, that’s why Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is a real gem – unique, tasty, and a bit hard to come by.

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3 bags – 340g of each

This bundle comes with a festive Christmas tag included.



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