Ethiopian Coffee Tasting Flight


Ethiopian coffee tasting flight

Ethiopian coffee lovers we have a pleasant surprise for you! This time we prepared Ethiopian coffee tasting flight. Dive into rich flavours, smell the amazing aroma and enjoy naturally processed, high quality coffee. We have four wonderful coffees from Ethiopia. Their origin might be the same and yet they taste so different. We will leave it up to you, let us know which one is your favourite out of our new bunch!

Ethiopia Harrar
Harrar coffee beans are one of the oldest still in production. The beans are harvested and processed by hand. This dry processed coffee is grown at an elevation 1510-2120 meters above the sea level in the Oromia region of southern Ethiopia. In dry processing, the coffee fruit is harvested from the trees and then left to dry in the sun. Once the fruit has dried, it’s peeled away leaving the exposed coffee bean. This process imparts the flavours of the fruit into the bean itself and is a crucial aspect of the overall taste.
Ethiopia Sidamo sweet lily
Natural processed beans, grown in up to 2100 meters above the sea level also from Oromia region. Very sweet, floral and delicate, this cup produces some awesome jasmine like aromatics that come through as hints in the taste. Only Ethiopians and real high end Geisha coffees can achieve this; most will love it, a little tea like for sure but a wonderfully complex and exotic attribute.
Anderacha Kaffa Yellow honey
Anderacha is one of the woredas in Sheka Zone, southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region in Ethiopia. The location is considered as one of the best coffees growing region in Ethiopia with young coffee plants and excellent flavour. It’s known as UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve – organic products like coffee, honey, fresh fruits and other agricultural products.
Ethiopia Sidamo Masha
Masha Woreda Yeppo Village, a coffee farm owned by world-renown running champion Haile Gebrselassie. This land was gifted by Ethiopian government for all of his accomplishments representing Ethiopia. He turned the 1500 hectare land into a stunning coffee farm with 200 hectares of dedicated conservation forest land. Masha natural processed coffee beans are grown at 1875 meters.

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