Honey Tasting Flight


One-half pound each of 4 coffees, specially selected to take your senses on a journey.  We source hundreds of coffees from growers, around the world, each year.  The best picks are then hand-roasted and delivered straight to your door.

As a gift option, it’s perfect for coffee pros and newbies alike. Have a box of fresh, high quality coffee delivered to the coffee lover in your life!


Mexico Chiapas Muxbal Estate “Black Honey”

Muxbal is a stunning mountain top coffee farm that takes its name from the Mayan language“ place surrounded by clouds”? One half of the estate is planted with coffee and the other is a protected ecological reserve of rainforest, rivers, springs  and wildlife. Cupping notes: Aroma of Macadamia nuts, hints of apricot, tangerine mouthfeel juicy finish.


Honduras “18 rabbits” Black Honey

Female owned , organic eco-friendly farm takes it’s name from the Mayan King “18 rabbits Shade grown coffee harvested in the northern Marcala region 1400 meters above sea level. Herbal tea notes, sweet, floral and chocolaty balance. Lingering caramel finish.


Dominican Republic Red Honey

This coffee comes from a single estate in the Jarabacoa region central mountain range. The Belarmino Ramirez family has been growing coffees organically for three generations. A very exotic cup of coffee, raspberry jam, bakers chocolate, magnolia, almond. Velvety smooth mouthfeel.


Ethiopian Anderacha Black Honey

The plantation is located near the village of Anderacha in a high altitude area, ranging from 1700 to 2000 meters above the sea. Indigenous forests are kept intact where the indigenous tree’s canopies contribute shade for the coffee trees. This helps maintain bio- diversity and prevents land degradation. Cup profile: Hint of hazelnut, bright and juicy mouthfeel , red currants, light body. Creamy, smooth finish as it cools off.
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