Medium Roast Coffee Tasting Flight


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Medium roast coffee is a balance between light and dark roasts. It’s medium-brown with rich flavours, less acidic than light roasts, and not as intense as dark roasts. Known for a well-rounded cup, medium roasts offer versatility and a hint of brightness in flavour.

Elevate your Christmas celebrations with this exquisite collection, adding a touch of warmth and a flavorful journey for the coffee enthusiast in your life.

Medium Roast coffee tasting flight contains 4 half-pound bags of meticulously selected coffee beans, ensuring a generous supply of rich, dark roast goodness for your brewing pleasure.

What’s in the box?

El Salvador – Yellow Honey
Experience the El Salvador Yellow Honey Medium – a vibrant coffee with notes of juicy, floral, and Gardenias. Dive into the delicate flavours of Jasmine and Black Tea, complemented by a light body and a touch of sweetness. It’s a sensory journey that combines the freshness of a garden with the elegance of tea, offering a unique and delightful coffee experience.

Bali Gunung Bau
Bali Gunung Bau Medium Roast coffee—captivating beans with notes of Fig and Chocolate, offering a low acidity profile. Delight your taste buds with the intriguing sweetness reminiscent of Prune, all culminating in a satisfying Spice Finish. This medium roast brings together a harmonious balance of flavours, making each sip a rich and nuanced experience.

Bolivia Teoponte
Immerse yourself in the distinct character of Bolivia Teoponte Medium Roast coffee beans. Discover delightful notes of chocolate, complemented by a subtle touch of mild orange, resulting in a juicy and clean finish. This medium roast promises a well-balanced and flavorful cup, inviting you to savour the unique essence of Bolivian coffee.

Burundi Mpanga
Meet the symphony of flavours embodied in Burundi Mpanga, a medium roast that dances on your palate. Sweet and juicy notes of bourbon, accompanied by the bold essence of cherry and the subtle touch of leather. The zesty finale comes with a hint of lemon rind, culminating in a well-balanced experience that defines the distinctive charm of this exceptional coffee.

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